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03.03.2022 in Confident Faith

Life Experience Portfolio – Certification

I, Muriel E. Manning certify I have been, either Lead Minister, #2 Minister, Partner, Teacher, Laborer, Mentor or Ministry Vendor; with reference to the enclosed resume, dated 6/30/2014. References can be obtained as required. 

 Further, I acknowledge, that the entire resume package is the result of Habakkuk   Chapter 2. Father spoke, “write a curriculum”, as I sat in my home in 1994; in the midst of a simple want to know more study, this was not the first I have heard him since the first year of my salvation, in 1984. I responded, together we did and had what He has always desired: some one to walk and talk with Him in the cool of the day, someone to hear His words and do them, someone to write the vision and acknowledge it all came from Him; that is, to His Glory, alone; in a time when born again was the popular thing to be, outreach ministries flourished and grew daily, as did churches, fellowships and home services. I was deeply  impressed by both Robert Schuler and Fred Price. Soon Carmen inspired us in song, as did Janny Grien. Further hearing God’s voice came through the material of Mark Virkler and Evelyn Klumpenhouwer; I certainly was different from every other Christian I knew including my immediate peers at church. I taught what I was taught, so many of my peers wanted to know, really, what did God do in your life, my answer is below. 

Briefly Father taught through Daniel, the thing Gabriel taught Daniel, Daniel taught the 3 Wisemen… Gabriel stated …I have come to give thee skill and understanding, to shew thee the command that came forth from your supplication (prayer), …therefore understand the matter AND consider the vision; the same lesson Habakkuk  write the vision. The words of Daniel traveled over 600 years, in the country of Persia, now, Iran, to direct the 3 WISEMAN, Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar (Matthew 2); to follow the Vision, the Jacob star (Numbers 24:17; Matthew 2:2); Revelation 22:16), arriving at Bethlehem in fulfillment of the vision; the birth of the Christ child.


The result, the calling I currently walk in …Teacher Hebrew Bible Historiographer, a writer of the vision to show how great the Salvation is, the Vision (Prophecy).  

Father’s words to me were, “write a curriculum”. Changing The Way We Study Biblical Text! We should study in the manner taught by Gabriel to Daniel, follow the Vision; then Greece will come, Daniel 10:20-21. Biblical text and history tell us, Alexander the Great came next in fulfillment of the prophecy. We the future generation of the prophecy were to follow the prophecy in sequence as the Hebrew Bible describes. Alexander the Great|Greece, Rome, Byzantine, Mohammed|Islam, Ottoman|Islam, Islamic Republic|current Islam. All known in biblical text as the Times of the Gentiles, all confirmed by their radical attributes in Psalm 83. All destined to the Armageddon of the vision.

 Father’s words to me were, “Come over to Israel I want to show you something”. The rocks will cry out if we do not. “Eastern Europe”, thereby called to Macedonia and meeting the lineage of the same people Paul was called to, “Come over to Macedonia and help us”. I too was sent to Macedonia by vision; in Macedonia within months and meeting Tadaeus (my student), Sasha (his pastor) and Budimer and Asteria Javic (their lead pastor for the country). Budimer who stated he ran Bibles into Russia as did brother Andrew, they knew of each other but never met; within the first two hours of our meeting also stated, “I knew you would come”; Budimer allowed me to record his words and take photos. That day was the first time Hebrew Heritage was taught in the country of Macedonia, since the time of the apostles Paul and John. The day was also when Father gave laughter and joy in the Holy Spirit to the assembly at the church as we ministered, a short time prior to the Serbian Crisis Nato humanitarian 3 month day and night bombing of Serbia, which in nexus, affected Macedonia, as a bordering country to the genocide conflict. See, Wikipedia, NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia. 

Hebrews 6 | Matthew 24: 15 | Daniel 9

The result of the visions:   …an expanded redesign of   …halted due to too much information, resumed under Subscription Only status …a systematic investigation of biblical text …Educate …Hearing the voice of the Father

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8 Week Seminar … all current projects, demonstrating our Hebrew Heritage.

USA |Macedonia | Israel 

June 30, 2014

Isaiah 58:12 BIBLE HUB

02.07.2021 in Confident Faith
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And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.
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Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible
And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places,…. As the cities in Israel and Judea, which had been long laid waste by the Assyrians and Chaldeans, were rebuilt by those of the Jewish nation, who returned from the captivity of Babylon, to which there is at least an allusion; and as the church of God, the tabernacle of David, which was fallen down, and had lain long in ruins, through corruptions in doctrine and worship, to the times of Christ, when the apostles, who were of the Jews, those wise masterbuilders, were instruments of raising it up again, and repairing its ruins: so, in the latter day, “the waste places of the world” (n), as the words may be rendered, shall be built by a set of men, that shall be of the church of God, who shall be instruments in his hand of converting many souls, and so of peopling it with Christians; such places as before were desolate, where before there was no preaching of the word, no administration of ordinances, nor any Gospel churches:
thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; either such foundations as have been razed up, and lay so for ages past; or raise up such as shall continue for generations to come. It may allude to the raising the foundations of the city and temple of Jerusalem; but rather refers to the founding of churches in Gospel times, which, as it was done in the first times of it by the apostles in the Gentile world, so shall be again in the latter day, which will continue for many ages:

and thou shalt be called the repairer of the breach, and the restorer of paths to dwell in; that is, the church and her builders, that shall be of her, shall be so called; the Jews and Gentiles will be converted in great numbers, and coalesce in the same Gospel church state, and so the breach between them will be repaired. Christians of various denominations, who now break off and separate one from another, will be of the same sentiment and judgment in doctrine and discipline; they shall see eye to eye, and cement together, and all breaches will be made up, and there will be no schism in the body; and they shall dwell together in unity, and walk in the same paths of faith and duty, of truth and holiness; and such who will be the happy instruments of all this will have much honour, and be called by these names.

The Targum is,

“they shall call thee one that confirms the right way, and converts, the ungodly to the law.”

(n) “desolata seculi”, Munster, Vatablus, Vitringa; “deserta seculi”, Pagninus, Montanus.