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18 Nov 2020, by 737862-ca in Confident Faith

Why We Research
Study is to take every opportunity to do it, study; right the first time. This means collecting the best bibles for content with direct column explanations i.e. The Dake\rquote s Annotated Reference Bible; then a good copy of The Rotherham Bible: The Emphasised New Testament, with an unbelievable volume of Old Testament Cross References-meaning quotes taken from the old used in the new, a usual home study Bible: The Hebrew-Greek Key Study Bible; the Thompson Chain Reference, and an Amplified Bible. Books and lots of them containing available information such as: reference works, commentaries, concordance and archaeological actual eyewitness accounts (Behistun Stone), including museum artifacts (Cyrus Cylinder) (Titus Arch) which complete the evidence of each event, biblical geographic location atlases and the prophetic timeline charts including drawn by Sir Isaac Newtons, well researched Apocalyptic Chart
Why You Should Research Study! One of Few Things requested by God in His Book

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