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13 Oct 2020, by 737862-ca in Confident Faith

THESIS: Brief Perspective …


Wading Deeper Into The River of God by Mark Virkler : THESIS Paper by Manning-Johnson: The book, Wading Deeper Into The River of God, looks at knowing God by His Holy Spirit from an external perspective to an internal one; a biblical flow experience based on the abandonment of oneself to the Holy Spirit; as implicitly described in Acts 2; 30AD. Since my salvation in, 1984, I had a different experience then everyone I knew; including the author of this book. The book is extremely accurate in describing how to become intimate with God; as Adam was in the cool of the day before the Fall. For 21st century mankind, the book is essential to living out the 6 doctrines of biblical text; providing the power of the Holy Spirits coming. As examined by Mark Virkler’s personal experience in Wading Deeper into the River of God; human reasoning, analytic mind games and just plain pursuing erroneous tradition have disabled, disallowed and impaired most from entering deeper waters. Jesus told Peter come to me, Peter impaired by head response, fisherman reasoning instincts and a severe lack of knowledge led him to take his eyes off the Lord, the Spirit response and place them on the issue, the water. This was corrected in Peter, when after crucifixion Peter, studied THE BOOKS, starting with the book of Daniel as instructed by Christ, in Matthew 24:15; which is referenced to Daniel, Joel, Amos, Hosea, Zechariah, Isaiah, etc. Peter understood he was looking at Apocalyptic Future Prophecy, since immediate prophecy event of multiple Prophets had just fulfilled. When Peter encountered the next prophetic event in Acts 2 the Day of Pentecost; Feast of Pentecost, The Feast of Weeks, Deuteronomy 16:9-12 50 Days after the Passover Deast Deuteronomy 16:16, Leviticus 23:13-22. Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, Atonement for personal sins; LEVITICUS 23:15 Commands for Sacrifices, Leviticus 16:1–34, Leviticus 23:26–32 Numbers 29:7–11. Note: refer to: Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible, F. Dakes. Peter, now prepared, capable and obediently-able to accurately state; “this is that, spoken by the Prophet Joel”. With multitudes of biblical examples demonstrating the earthly actions of Christ, the learned experience of Peter and the evangelizing efforts of Paul, who was sent to the lands of the Gentiles, at the time the Old Testament Middle East, within the confines of the Old Roman Empire; that the Times of the Gentiles could be prophetically be fulfilled. Christ spoke and demonstrated what the Father said to Him, instantly, within His first encounter with time and nations on earth.

Wading Deeper into the River of God outlines why we are not doing the same and how, why and when we can correct our biblical behavior; so many things would be different. Matthew 24 shows Christ at the 2nd Temple, referring to the Prophet Daniel, detailing the Great Tribulation by a sign which everyone will see; Acts 2 shows repetition of Feast celebrations after Christ had been crucified; today there is no (Christian) justification for never having seen the inside of a Synagogue, participated in a Passover Seder, studied during the 50 days of Shavuot as Peter did or for that matter, Sabbath which Isaiah 66 carefully explains all mankind will attend, in the eternal future. Why do we not even know what is inside the places Christ would frequent or which biblical geographic places the Nazarene frequented with His Disciples; why have we not visited His homeland, Israel. The Virkler book re-adjusts, the reader, from (I) think; to (I hear) my Father say, being guided only and continually by the Holy Spirit.

Wading Deeper into the River of God, describes how to take self out of the decision process, to re-adjust man to the proper biblical perspective …”it is not I who live but Christ in me”. Nearly everything written in the Virkler book was new to my understanding how extremely traditional others were raised up in the things of God. I can now clearly see why so many who have started with such passionate Callings’, in Christ only to be shipwrecked by moving their success away from God, back to Tradition. The Hebrew Bibles explicit word is to hear; “Hear Oh IsraelThe Lord Our God, the Lord is One” Deuteronomy 6:4-9; meaning it is another god and another seed which prays before murdering, the Seed of the Serpent Genesis 3:15, has done this from the Beginning’. Jesus, the Seed of the Woman supplemented, Jeremiah’s New Covenant: Jeremiah 31:31 with the power received when the Holy Spirit came, a power the church has neglected. Oct 2020 the Church should say ” the Second Greatest Commandment ” Love Your Neighbor as your Self” WEAR A MASK! Instead by Tradition the church is concerned with moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv back to Jerusalem. The God in Heaven never changed his original Capitol of Jerusalem; traditon thinks it has this authority when it never did.

Acts 2, the power included the ability to hear the Holy Spirit speak life to the Spirit of man; available to man for advice, guidance and comfort. How sad to find man relying on his natural mind reasoning, rather then the Holy Spirit. Some time ago I spoke with one pastor, at a Florida conference, he was in tears as he carefully explained, if he taught the HebrewHeritage Curriculum on the book of Daniel as it is laid out by the insight of Gabriel; in a linear manner in scripture, it would cause a church split; he was a known well respected Messianic pastor. He could not release his own reasoning that yoked his ministry success to the people rather than to God; the tears (in the middle of the hotel lobby) were his wrangling with being confronted with choice (most pastors have endured a lot to get where they are, their gift is light but reasoning is flawed by the issue of the water being deep, Daniel 9 Understanding by the Books beginning with Jeremiah 25); the voice of the Holy Spirit vs. wrecking the church he just built and stabilized. The Bible has always been a storyline, man has chosen to look at it in every manner other than a consecutive storyline, sound bytes can never convey the depth of the Biblical Drama. There is a goal and a purpose; which begins after the Fall with the words of Genesis 3:15, “Your seed, Her Seed; the storyline has a middle, we are currently living the Biblical history and facing a finale, post Armageddon, pre Eternity; as narrated many will say, ” Lord, Lord” and to many He will say I never knew you, since your time was not spent in knowing Me and the Work my Father has done, John 17:3. Others will be told enter in… There are many who have not read not understood verses 15-17, quote, I pray not that thou should take them out of the world, but that thou should keep them out of the evil. Of the evil world, they are not, Hallow [Santify-make Holy-make Bride, by washing with the word to make them spotless, without blemish] them in Truth thine own [Storyline] Word is Truth.

I came across Daniel 9 many years ago, long before …Wading Deeper, the book served to confirm understanding the Bible is left and right brain and yielded to the Holy Spirit; the Bible is both historic and scientific, intelligently traceable by declaration and definition, compassionately understood by Belief; to show us things which must come to pass. Revelation 1:1, Daniel 2:28 …a God in Heaven that reveals mysteries; to the fulfillment of the prophecies; presented in biblical storyline timeline to be tracked in the same prophetic manner given to Holy Prophets; to arrive at the truth of, What the Bible is All About; in other words it is a Historographic Anthology on the Thoughts, Plans and Purposes of the Creator. It is the Angel Gabriel standing by Daniel relaying prophetic informational insight from the Book of Truth.

Intelligent tracking of Bible Literature is found explicitly in the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation as the keys which unlock the biblically coded messages, once Jeremiah 25:12 is applied, tiem and history lead to the births of both John the Baptist and Immanuel-Jesus, God with Us. The anointing does not come until both are 30 years old, at which time John Anionts Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus becomes the Anonted One of fulfilled prophecy. Daniel 9:. The Dead Sea Scrolls Commentary and Reference works support every book of the Hebrew Bible in original form with the exception of Esther; which will be found in Perisa, now Iran; written at that time of the Ahemined Empire sealed in Persian archives, to this day.

Daniel stated I understood by the, BOOKS! The books providing great minute detail of prophetic events, as the events are revealed. Peter used the prophetic storyline to speak in Acts 2, we are to use it to speak on the books related to End Time Messianic events of Isaiah 63; the returning Conquerer; as well as the current Great Tribulation period we live in. We too, should, as events occur, be equipped to say, this is that; it is part of our power enabled by the Holy Spirit. As I came across the works of Mark and Patti Virkler; I found also Evelyn Klumpenhouwer’s, Talking With Jesus; adding further to my already 24/7 Holy Spirit yielding, leading and obeying; more confirmation came from Write The Vision by L. Ralph, based on the text of Hababbuk 2:14, 3:1-19; it was the best ever to have consultants (by their books) who knew what I was talking about. The present book, Wading Deeper Into The River of God, represents an articulation given to the Virkler’s, Marl & Patti even as one hid their Holy Spirit lifestyle from the other and one walked and talked in the experience for many years moving toward his in the cool of the day flow experience, in order to instruct others (the Global Community) in spontaneous flow. God used Mark to articulate by example the meaning of,” draw closer to God”, and He shall by His Spirit draw closer to you, a step by step experience, delivered to Mark, to deliver to mankind. How Great is that. The Bible says God will have a Garden Experience on eternal earth; we want and will have the ultimate Garden experience walking in the cool of the day with both the, Father and the Son. It is “spontaneous thought”; spontaneous speech; clear direction; words biblically aligned with the Creator, which will make the Bride of Christ clean. Wading Deeper Into The River of God is linear in format, verse by verse, [Mark’s] personal storyline sytle, “flowed out”, to mankind, therefore, effective in delivering the expected result of drawing men closer to God, Abraham’s son Joseph like many of us were endowed as a child with flow, interpreting dreams and seeing visions at home, as well as, in Egypt (foreign lands); Mark Virkler in whom Father taught the method lived through teh experience to teach others the unique experience to capture left, right and third brain activity, tactile, that all men may arrive at the same place as declared of Joseph …”in as much as thou art a man in whom is the Spirit of God.” Genesis 41:39; Daniel 5:11

We must repent! We must admit as Daniel for not knowing; we have to read and meditate on Wading Deeper In The River Of God; adding Evelyn Klumpenhouwer’s; Talking With Jesus, as the companion book as initially presented by the Virkler ministry. Without Wading through the river of God; unfortunately; many are left all over the globe without the full operation of the Holy Spirit in their lives; this amounts to the negative aspect of II Timothy 2:15; lacking the content of the Virkler book the results become evident, no Holy Spirit no power; not operating in the Holy Spirit 24/7 can lead to … the workman being ashamed; operating outside of the Holy Spirit, the Word cannot be rightly divided; since the Holy Spirit is not allowed to prepare the Christian for such a time as this; Terrorism is upon us; the prime recognizable prophetic event of the Latter Days, by the 10 Federated Kingdoms of Revelation, 20 Terrorist from the nations of Psalm 83, Evil of Daniel 12. Now, Pandemic! COVID19. Now is when, “Wading Deeper into the River of God” … is required. The End Times biblical storyline drama will play-out with or without the Christian in his correct biblical posture of knowing this is that spoken by the prophets’.

The End Times Wicked Systems is upon us in the 21st century, the same amount of time Gabriel stated it took him to get to Daniel, to show Daniel what was written in the Book of Truth, and us. We must remember Jesus only said what he heard His Father say, His Father said, tell my disciples, Matthew 24:15 … Wading Deeper into the River of God is the starting point for wading deeper. My thesis response included a picture. The picture is a view of myself in the front of a wide vista view of Bethlehem in the background. We have lost Bethlehem to Islam on our watch, the Church of Philadelphia, the 7th to fall for not repenting; fell to the Islamic Ottoman Empire; simply because we have not used the Power left to us in the form of the Holy Spirit and his Gifts. And the Understanding we gain from The Books!

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