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26 Apr 2021, by 737862-ca in BIBLE | WHATWE KNOW

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Redemption Process

To this hour, second, minute the Redemption Process is in progress, initiated by the Creator, in Genesis 3:15. The entire plan, purpose and goal is detailed in one verse, detailing the rescue remedy for the Fall. Genesis God, tells Cain if you pay complete attention to what I speak, Cain would not. Seth was born an appointed offspring; at the time of Seth men began to call upon the name of the Lord, hence the term Yahweh, God’s Grace Appears! Time can only be quantified outside the Garden; Adam lived 130 years outside the Garden and became father of Seth. After Seth the days of Adam are 800 years. 930 are years outside the Garden. Inside the Garden time was not measured. The approximate 4000 years, reverse age-date mathmatics counted backward, are the years of the lineage of Seth to Christ; not the consummate time of Adam’s whole Life. There is No Way to project the years of life of Adam Eve Cain and Able while in the Garden. Cain and God, do agree there are Others` outside the Garden; Neanderthals, etc. are Kind Creatures, created without the Breathe of God; and quite able to kill Cain, thus God places a-Mark on Cain.