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God’s Remedy WHAT WE KNOW

26 Apr 2021, by 737862-ca in BIBLE | WHATWE KNOW

God’s Remedy

Adam as representative of God Breathed, Human Star Dust, Homo Sapien progresses through Temptation, Fall, consequent Forfeiture of Paradise.

Followed by retributive punishment. Most have not been taught that Punishment is vindictive rectitude, not vindictive passion and it is the reaction of Holiness of God against all violations of it. Suffering for Sin is a Judical Penalty, a penalty inflicted by Devine Judgment, and belongs to the Moral Realm. First the Serpents then the Serpent’s Seeds. The Seed of the Woman is singular. A single Redeemer from Serpent Sins. Leaves, something was sacrificed, for the sin… they are still in the Garden; questioned by God, their sin is covered with animal skin, a blood sacrifice performed first by God. The Lord God cuts them off from His paradise blessings and expels them into the world of the Others, Neanderthal, etc. On account of sin man is kept out of Paradise, in execution of God’s Wrath, with curses to the 3 three; Adam, Eve, the Serpent. pronouncement is declared on the Seed of the Woman and the Seeds` of the Serpent. The Seed of the Woman sheds His own blood, as sacrifice. Once for All …that will receive Him. 2nd