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Do Not Let Book of Law Depart

13 Oct 2020, by 737862-ca in Confident Faith

Do not let the Book of the Law depart from your mouth, meditate on it day and night…</br> so you will be careful to do everything written in it. Joshua 1:8

ohn 5:39 …Search The Scriptures</br> Nehemiah 8:8 They read in the Book, in the Law of God, Diligently, and gave the sense, and to understanding and reading. </br> Luke 24:27  Beginning at Moses, and All the Prophets, expounded unto them in all the Scripture.</br> 


<span style=”color:#e6b08d;”>Books</span><br/>


<span style=”color:#e6b08d;”>Books</span><br/>

all Hebrew 

all Hebrew 


The <br/>

<span style=”color:#e6b08d;”>Psalms </br>Sefer Tehillim</span><br/>

Happy <span style=”color:#e6b08d;”>Is The</span><br/>


Psalm 1

Happy are all they that take refuge in Him Psalm 2:12

The psalms in Hebrew See Hirsch & Cohen

The Seventy Weeks, Leviticus & the Nature of Prophecy (Daniel & Revelation Committee Series) Paperback – June 1, 1986

by Frank B. Holbrook

Biblical Commentary on The Prophecies of Isaiah (Clark’s Foreign Theological Library Vol.14) – 1881 by Frank Delitzsch 

Jeremiah, His Life and Times 1888 by T. K. Cheyne

End – Time Prophecies of Ezekiel by William F. Beirness


<span style=”color:#e6b08d;”>Books</span><br/>

on Jewish Prophets

On the matter of End -Time Eschatology. <br/>

In anticipation of fulfillment of their prophecies. Let the reader understand. Matthew 24:15; Mark 13:14. Being admonished to search the pages of prophecy… apocalyptic Books of both Old and New Testament.

Start your Day with 

Moses, The Prophets and The <span style=”color:#e6b08d;”>Psalms</span>

Redemptive Storyline future of the world; Terrestrail Empires which precede the Eternal Empire. How God is finally perfectly glorified in the works of his Hands,</br>His  counsel fully realized; in  Bible Sciences, anthropology, archaeology, etc. how the disrupting influence of sin is completely overcome; in  the Christiology Anointed One, </br>announced by John the Baptist,  how the work of Christ is crowned with perfect Victory over Death and the Grave; in soteriology, how the work of the Holy Spirit at last issues </br>in the complete redemption and glorification of the people of God; and in ecclesiology,  of the final culmination apotheosis  of the church. excerpt Daniel, Desmond Ford Annotations</br> upon all the books of the Old and New Testament: wherein the text is explained, doubts resolved, scriptures parallelled, </br>and various readings observed.