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04 Mar 2021, by 737862-ca in Confident Faith





Have we been Willingly Ignorant Yes!How by not picking up and looking at the Bibles listed; but we know park theme songs, tracks into unkown worlds, witch craft with kids on a stick, Shakespeare, but Not …One of few things requested straight up, Study To Show Yourself Approved to God, A Workman Not Too Be Ashamed… did you see that, a job title, Workman”, Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth… did you see that, its the Job, to compare scripture with scripture.

We Have Failed; We Must Repent. Look at Daniel 9, he was in the same place; he realized he was not Rightly Dividing the Word, by missing the relevant thing Jeremiah had spoke in Chapter 25 & 29 PROPHECY OF THE SEVENTY YEARS… THE KEY TO ALL PROPHETIC TEXT; AS WITNESSED BY GABRIEL, WHO TURNED UP 21 DAYS AFTER THE REPENTANCE PRAYER OF DANIEL 9: 1-27.
The Words of verse 27 leads directly to a Covenant with many for one (1) Week: and in the middle of the Week, sacrifice & oblation shall cease.; and the spreading Abominations shall make it desolate., until the consummation, that determined shall be poured on the desolate. 434 Years to end of 7 weeks; the whole time from going forth of commandment to restore; to Messiah is 69 Weeks or 483 Years. Noted by Daniel 9:25-27, as the Tanakh Old Testament Coming of Messiah the Prince to the Threescore and two weweks Cutoff [Crucifixion 30AD] and Destruction of Jerusalem 70AD; came with the flood of the Roman Empire Army… until the end wars and desolations are determined Matthew 24:6-14… and you shall hear of Wars, war rumors: see that you be not troubled; for these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet… For nation risies against nation, Kingdom against Kingdom; there shall be famines, pestilences @ COVID19-2020, and earthquakes. in different places.Sorrows Beginninging; Then, affliction, Killing and Hatred of all nations for the name sake of Jesus Anointed One Christos; then many offended, betray and hate one another. Many False Prophets rise & Deceive many, inquity will abound; the Love of many grows cold [backsliders]. But he that endures to the end will be saved. And This Gospel of the Kingdom of God will be oreached in all the world.. for a Witness to all Nations; then will the end come.